Just a Little About Me

I’m Samantha. I’m a senior in college, getting my degree in biology with minors in psychology and chemistry. I am currently applying to grad school to become  physician assistant (hopefully). I love to read. It is my absolute favorite thing to do. I read almost anything I can get my hands on, but my favorite is World War II and Russian history. My mom got me hooked on World War II novels years ago and now we regularly exchange books and discuss all of our favorites over and over again. While I’m curled up with a book I love to have a nice big cup of coffee in my favorite mug (it’s an over-sized orange mug). I even get up a little extra early on these nice fall days so I can have my coffee and book (or pinterest!). I love this time of year when I can drink my yummy fall coffees and have my home smelling like cinnamon or pumpkin.

So the boyfriend. We moved in together about a year ago. We had only been dating for about six months when I was kicked out of my parents house and I started staying with him “temporarily.” Not that we weren’t spending most of our free time together anyway and I was already spending most night with him. But still. I was  nervous. We hadn’t been together that long and how would he feel with me always in his space? Would we get completely sick of each other until we became one of those couples who screamed all night and threw pots and pans at one another?

Nope. We were too busy with school to even spend much time home. This year we have a bit more time. He is my biggest supporter and I love him to pieces. He graduated this past May and is applying to pharmacy school for next year. Now we’re spending the year in a sort of limbo. I’m finishing school, but waiting to hear from the programs I’ve applied to. And he’s waiting too. We’re applying to all different schools except for one. So what happens next? If we get in do we go to the same school to be together or do we suck it up and go long distance for a couple of years?

This is total ralaxing!



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